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03/01/2022 - Startup, Artificial Intelligence

Smarter Health, a Singapore-based startup, develops technology that enables easier exchange of data between different parts of the healthcare system, improving patient care and reducing a...

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29/10/2021 - Lifestyle, Social Media

After announcing Horizon Home as the gateway to the metaverse and the new experiences for Oculus Quest 2, Zuckerberg concluded his long presentation by communicating the name change.


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19/10/2021 - Startup, Sustainability

Over 90% of the goods shipped worldwide are carried by around 50,000 sea freight vessels. While shipping by sea is reasonably environmentally friendly, shipping still accounts for...

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18/10/2021 - Lifestyle, Innovation

It's been less than a year since the release of Apple's first-generation silicon-powered MacBook Pro, and here the company is already returning with a follow-up. The 2020 version of the p...

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06/10/2021 - Business, Startup

Now in its sixth edition, the Digital360 Awards rewards the best digital innovation projects in Italian companies, promoting the culture of digitization in our country. The event of the D...

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05/10/2021 - Lifestyle, App, Social Media

Monday 04 October 2021 - Yesterday's outage of all Facebook services was the longest and most extreme in several years. At around 9am (PDT) on the west coast of the United States, Faceboo...

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30/01/2020 - Lifestyle, Amsterdam, IoT, Innovation

Dijiti participated in the most important and largest conference relating to the LoRaWAN world, one of the most widespread and rapidly growing alternative communication protocols to the G...

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01/12/2019 - Master, Milano, DigitalAgency, Business

One of our co-founders is among the first 25 digital professionals in Italy to achieve a master's degree in Digital Product Management at the Innovation School of Talent Garden. Talent Ga...

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02/05/2019 - Innovation, Business, Travel, Barcellona, Startup

Dijiti co-founders participated in the EU Startup Summit 2019 in Barcelona, where they were able to meet more than 1,200 including founders, startups, companies, business angels, Venture ...